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Migrating Magento from Community to Enterprise Edition

One of my first tasks on my new job is to migrate a Magento Community Edition to the Enterprise one. There is no too much information on the Internet about how to proceed with this kind of task. That’s the reason I write this post. First step: moving the old database The first thing we […]

Solve the 404 error on the admin dashboard

When I changed the URI to access to my dashboard, when I logged in again, there was a 404 error on the admin dashboard. It seems is something related to permissions and can be easily solved executing the following commands: If this doesn’t work, maybe the login form is not redirecting correctly. In that case […]

How to tier price on Magento depending on the Store View

Even though Magento comes with many options that let us configure a lot of parameters depending on the Store View, there is no way to tier the price depending on the Store View. The solution for this is setting up different client groups.