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How to use Solr as a search engine for Magento

We recently upgraded a Magento Community Edition 1.4 to a Magento Enterprise Edition 1.11. Once the upgraded was done and everything was working fine, our client started complaining about the fact that the search results where not good in comparison to the previous version they had (with Magento CE 1.4). After doing some research we […]

Empty the cart programatically in Magento

One of the last things I had to implement in Magento was a function to empty the customer cart. At first I found this great extension made by the Inchoo people, but it did much more than I needed. Having a controller to do this is fair enough, and the only code you need to […]

How to create a custom setup script in Magento

During the past days we have had some problems when updating our Magento custom modules. Oddly, even though we created the mysql4-upgrade file and edited the config.xml with the new version, the upgrade script wouldn’t run. Why? We don’t know. But we needed a quick solution because there was an important issue in the production […]

Magento search not working properly, how to improve search results?

My experience has shown me that the default Magento search is really bad, it doesn’t matter if you’re using the Community version or the Enterprise one: search results are always bad, even if you don’t have too many products in your catalogue (less than 200). Here are some tips on how to improve the search: […]

Browser language auto-detection in Magento

By default, Magento shows the store that has been configured «by default». Adding browser language auto-detection is pretty easy editing the Magento index.php file. We just need to check what’s the user browser main language and then try to load the store that uses that code. It’s important to note that maybe the user has […]

Solr: 413 Status: FULL head and Magento (hits but no results)

A few days ago we tried to install and set Solr as a Magento default search system. We run into a weird problem: once we checked that Solr was working we enabled it in Magento. Everything seemed to work well: when reindexing products the log would show the changes and the button for testing whether […]

Magento Professional Edition no longer exists

February 1st: Magento announces that Magento Professional edition will disappear (they’ll phase it out, they said). This means that people who have recently bought the professional edition have been left hanging. In our case, we have 3 clients that have recently paid for a Magento PE license and now we have to explain to them […]

Programmatically update product price per website in Magento

If you want to programmatically update product prices per website (this means that you have many websites and have set a website scope for price in the configuration), then you can use this script: Important note: I haven’t developed this, but I think it’s interesting to note it down. Thanks to Knowledge Craving from Stackoverflow.

Adding configurable product options to category list in Magento

At this moment we’re working on 3 projects, all of them require a category list with products that are only configurable and the customer has to be able to choose the options from the configurable and add it directly to the cart without going to the product page. Step by Step How can we add […]

Programmatically create order statuses in Magento

If you want to create new order statuses (not states) and assign them to a particular state you need to use the sales/order_status model. It’s pretty easy: Then you can assign the state with the assignState method: