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[Off-Magento] Solving the Warning: ssh2_scp_send(): Failure creating remote file: Invalid ACK response from remote error

Recently I had to use ssh2 through php in order to send files from one server to another. I don’t know why, I was getting a error that was not actually very common on the Internet. My code was: The connection was correctly placed, but when trying to copy the file, I got: Warning: ssh2_scp_send(): […]

Filter product collection by multiple categories in Magento

During the past week I’ve dealed with a very weird and stressing thing with my colleagues: filtering a product collection by multiple categories in Magento. Filter by only 1 category Magento offers a type of filter that can be used directly from the collection: Filter by 2 or more categories This is a completely different […]

Best way of disabling the Region select for addresses in Magento

Region select is not perfect in Magento. For example, for UK, there are missing counties, probably due how official they are or maybe just because Magento didn’t take the correct database. One way or another, region field is not considered one of the required fields for most sellers when integrating orders on their ERP. What […]

Magento EE 1.13 & EE 1.8

Magento EE 1.13 is finally out (last version was released in December.┬áThe focus of this version has been performance, especially regarding indexing. These are good news, as our experience with indexing problems and performance during the last months has been really bad. Magento CE 1.8 will follow soon, something completely necessary, as the last version […]

[Extension] Easily generate custom grid in Magento Backoffice

A colleague of mine has recommended to me this great extension that lets the backoffice user customize all the grids on the Magento Backoffice. You can add new columns to your order, products or other grids with just few clicks. Download | Enhanced Admin Grids (+ Editor)

Programmatically set product position in a category in Magento

Today I had to reorder products in a category. Basically, our client wanted to put the products with special price at the end. After trying to do this with the category model in Magento, I finally run into the Category Api. It worked like a charm, even though it works kind of slow. Here you […]

Passing arguments to a Magento Shell script

Using Magento Api to create shell scripts seems to be easy, but there are too many things to take into account to get the most of it. In this case, I want to explain how to pass an argument from the command line when executing a magento shell script. You have to call the script […]

Solving reindex issues with Product Flat Data in Magento

For the past 2 years we’ve run into a reindex issue when reindexing product flat data in Magento more than once. Basically, we wet something like: The key is here: That is telling you which table is failing. This exception tells that the referential integrity between: catalog_product_flat_2.entity_id and catalog_product_entity.entity_id is corrupted. This usually means some […]

The most useful [active] Magento blogs

Ever since I started programming in Magento/PHP, I had the need to find Magento blogs with useful tips and up-to-date information (Magento changes very quickly along with how things have to be done with it as well). After almost two years I’ve only found a few blogs that are up to date and useful. I […]

Executing cron tasks manually in Magento

Usually I’ve been asked about how to run a cron task manually. A cron task defined in Magento is not anything else than a function that belongs to a model that is loaded and executed. For example, we have this cron task on a config.xml file of a specific module: It’s easy to identify the […]