Adding configurable product options to category list in Magento

At this moment we’re working on 3 projects, all of them require a category list with products that are only configurable and the customer has to be able to choose the options from the configurable and add it directly to the cart without going to the product page. Step by Step How can we add […]

Magento search not working properly, how to improve search results?

My experience has shown me that the default Magento search is really bad, it doesn’t matter if you’re using the Community version or the Enterprise one: search results are always bad, even if you don’t have too many products in your catalogue (less than 200). Here are some tips on how to improve the search: […]

How to set tier prices programmatically in Magento

Working with tier prices¬†programmatically in Magento is somewhat tricky. I found a couple of annoying bugs or behaviors that really got me stuck. I’ll speak about that at the end of this post. Update: Our colleague Josh found how to solve this issue by rewriting a core module. Take a look at that solution in […]

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[Magento 2] Delete All Categories Programmatically

There are a lot of articles on Internet proposing the deletion of all categories using a sql query. I’ve tested one of them and I’ve run into several problems due to this (url keys not deleted correctly, deletion of the Default category…). There is a safer way, using Magento tools. Things you need to know: […]

[Magento 2] Adding product attributes to quote items getProduct function

When calling the function $block->getProduct() in a quote item in the cart page, Magento 2 will return the product and its basic attributes. The attributes that can be retrieved from the product when calling this function in a quote_item page can be found in the file vendor/magento/module-sales/etc/catalog_attributes.xml. From your own module, you can create the […]

[Magento 2] Update product attribute programmatically

It’s pretty easy when you have the eavSetup in your setup module. It’s only necessary to execute: For example, if I want to change the ‘position’ field value of the ‘price’ product attribute:

[Magento 2] Create Multiselect Product Attribute Programmatically

It might be tricky if you want to create a multiselect product attribute in Magento 2. For that, it’s necessary to pass the correct backend model: if you don’t do it your attribute will be created but the values won’t be saved. Taking this Inchoo article as a basis, you just need to know the […]

[Magento 2] Display category image in navigation menu

[Edited] I’ve updated the article to do this in a better way Recently I had to do something I thought it was simple to do: add the category images to the navigation menu. However, Magento doesn’t use a template to draw the whole menu but a function that will retrieve all categories and generate the […]

[Magento 2] Get current product

Getting the “current product” in Magento 2 is trickier than it was in Magento 1. However, it is like that for a reason: Mage:: is a thing from the past, no more accessing to everything from everywhere (someone I know would say: “this is not logic at all”). That’s the reason why, in order to […]

[Forms] Remove a field from a Form

Recently I wanted to remove a field from a form object. It was easy, we need to know 2 things: Fieldset name (‘main’ by default) Field name With this information we can just update the form object with:     <?php¬†$this->getForm()->removeField(‘password_fieldset’);¬†?>

Filter a collection when the attribute value is not set

Since the very first time I started working with collections in Magento I run into situations where I needed to filter a collection by an attribute whose value is not set yet (for example, when the attribute is of the type ‘yes/no’, values 0/1). If I wanted to filter by all the products with a […]

List All Magento cronjobs (from local, community and core)

I have recently run into this Magento script who lists all the cronjobs on the site (coming from core, community or local). Easy to use and with a good result view!

Some thoughts about Magento 2

During the past 5 years I have been working on eCommerce and always with Magento. Magento “1”. Magento 1 has become the natural option to recommend to anyone who wants to implement a secure, complete, extensible ecommerce site. I have learned a lot while developing on Magento, but also when discussing functional specifications with our […]